Where To Start

Our community classes and events meet the people and the culture of the city where they are at.

Community classes are a great way to test the water of our practice and also a way to support the local wellness economy.

Class flows vary from hot vinyasa, strength and conditioning, to restorative.

All classes are inclusive, rooted in gratitude for the Black and Indigenous people who created the practice, and work to both heal and cultivate joy for our students.

Prices & membership vary depending upon the partner studio.

dive deeper into social media

Businesses and individuals are looking for ways to support and reach a diverse audience and create relationships beyond their current social networks.

Our social media strategy and partnerships allow companies to find and connect to diverse local businesses, change makers, and innovation drivers across various markets, cities, and neighborhoods.

create a healing plan

Individuals, families, and companies are looking for ways to heal on a deeper level.

Our concierge Yoga services - online, in home, office sessions, events & retreats allow us to create safe home and work spaces.

In these spaces, we come together for the greatest good. We, with love, collectively process intergenerational traumas to allow family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to grow and heal together.