Erin Kay Anderson

Founder | CEO

Erin Anderson’s life has been one of learning, education, and service “at best.” She grew up in Billings and attended UMass Amherst studying sociology and history with a concentration on the Black Arts Movement. Her Masters is in Intercultural Youth and Family Development, which was housed in the counselor education program at the University of Montana - Missoula.

Her life work is centered on the importance of collective healing & personal growth through loving action. Equity, inclusion, diversity, culture, and Yoga are her main tools for personal healing and social change.

Her Yoga style is a blend of vinyasa flow, hatha, hot, core power, and breathwork, with an emphasis on how the movement on our mats allows us to mirror and shift from good intentions to real change.

She believes Community happens through creation & growth of authentic relationships. Her life inspiration has come through her relationships with her mentors and teachers Nelson Stevens, Malia Lazu & David Vendetti.

“The combination of education and the application of what we learn in life experience are the tools to more deeply understand the roots of our personal histories/lineage. It's important to know how and where both triumph and trauma are stored in our bodies. By doing this we learn to accept what we can not change and engage in meaningful release of what is not in service to Love. Essentially, we learn to unlearn in order to reconnect to the true - loving, kind, and beautiful nature of ourselves & community.”